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    Default Interesting brochure from 1997

    Attachment 21623Attachment 21624Attachment 21625Attachment 21626 I found some interesting info from 1997. Check out the price.

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    Too funny!!! Being a Boston native Filene's Basement was always our travel agency!! Got some great deals back then. I think we actually went to Couples Negril the first year it opened for $999 each...for a week!!! And we used Filene's Basement vacation Outlet! Ahhhh the good old days. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Richie!

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    I noticed they only gave a two day window to book at that price. But still...
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    We too used Vacation Outlet. Flew on some of their charter flights. What a nightmare. I'm glad we all stuck with it. Sure has gotten better through all these years.

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    First page says "kids programs"?????????

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    Very Interesting -- Certainly looks like a lot of changes, but also a lot of similarities of today. While Couples may not include all of what they did back in 1997 and the price point is quite a bit higher, it still is the best all-inclusive in the market place.

    While I wish that we had discovered all-inclusive vacationing, especially Couples, back in 1997, but so glad we have discovered it in 2008 with Couples being our brand of choice..

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    Over the past nineteen years there have been many changes. Most of them always moving towards better serving the guests. But throughout that whole time, the essence of what Couples is all about has not wavered. They continue to make each and every person feel very special. A visit to Couples is so much more than just "a vacation", it is an experience. One that will be treasured and remembered for quite some time to come.

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    That brochure applied only to Couples Ocho Rios (now CTI). I know this because we stayed at Swept Away in 1998, before Couples acquired it. We saw the construction at Couples Negril, and stayed there in 1999 and 2000.

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