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    Default Landing Sunday - Feb 2nd @ 12:30 --- FEEDBACK NEEDED

    Looks to be approx 5 planes ahead of us and stacked up behind us as well.

    Anyone have experience for Sunday arrivals @ Montego?
    Only have to book 48 hours in adv for MoBay, so have plenty of time - it appears for USAirways @ least, there are only 2 flights per day to Montego from Sun-Thurs vs Fri-Sat there are 3.

    So not sure this should all fall in line, but wondering if Sundays are still a HOT day to come in OR shouldn't expect that bad?

    Feedback appreciated.

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    We will also be arriving that day at 1:59. How did you find out about the other flights? I've been wondering about that and tried to look it up. Which resort are you going to? We are going to CSS. Less than 2 weeks away!!

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    For the past few years we have taken the USAirways flight from Charlotte that arrived on a Sunday at 12:30. We never had to wait more than 10 minutes in immigration. This was during peak season, too (January).

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    You say 5 planes ahead of you. I really wouldn't worry all that much about the planes behind you as you will be ahead of these people in line.

    For us, I looked at how many planes arrive within about 30 minutes before our flight. Figure on an average of 150 people on each flight. So if there are five planes arriving within 30 minutes before you, that could easily be 750 people.

    Something about Club MOBAY. They do not have unlimited capacity. There is a possibility they could be sold out for your time slot on the day that you arrive. Something quite possible during the middle of tourist season. If you are going to do this, don't hesitate. You could be disappointed to find that they are booked full.

    For us, we arrive on a Sunday in the middle of February. Already on average there are about 8 planes arriving within 30 minutes before our flight. You must consider that airlines will be adding additional flights every day as tourist season really starts to kick in. I know this is the case with the airlines we are using. So just because there are 8 flights arriving within 30 minutes before our flight does not mean that there couldn't be 10 or more flights around the same time a month from now. We booked Club MOBAY a while back.

    Only you can decide if Club MOBAY is worth the extra money. For us, we felt it would be worth it to get a little extra special treatment at the start of our vacation. Getting expedited through Customs and Immigration is nice also. We also took the service for when we leave. Again, for the same reasons.

    Only 27 more days until we arrive at CTI. Getting a little bit closer every day.

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    You can go to OR you can check the arrivals for the Montego Bay Airports website

    I'm looking @ yesterday's schedule and there is only US flights inbound from 12pm - 1pm.

    4 Flights before ours land and 2 after we land between the hours of 12pm-1pm. That doesn't seem to be very busy to me. They are spaced out as well @ 12:01, 12:14, 12:31, 12:32 and then ours @ 12:44. Then the last 2 in the hour is 12:52 and 12:58. Next flight doesn't come in till 1:20 thereafter, so that doesn't seem to busy, right? Looks like most of the European or Canadian flights are all mainly Fridays and Saturdays.

    I know this is alot of technical info and questioning, but I don't wanna waste money if I get through the lines really quickly.

    I'm only asking as we usually go in April and May...and never have to wait long @ all. This is peak, but not so sure Sundays are very busy it would appear.

    Continued feedback appreciated and/or thoughts.

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    We arrived on a Sunday early afternoon in Dec. before holiday season but there were lots of planes. We did Club Mobay and loved passing all those people backed up the ramp, then again after we collected our luggage. Nice also to have a drink besides beer at the lounge as well as appy type snacks I was too hungry to wait until after the drive and check in.
    Also did the departure and glad we did, passing the security lines. They even helped us. Then having a couple drinks and lots of food in the comfort of the quiet lounge was awesome.
    Will do it again. The Club Mobay staff were the friendliest Jamaicans we met on the trip I swear!
    Fabulous service.

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