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    Default Au Naturel Beach at CN

    Good morning,
    Heading to CN for the first time in a couple of months.......could someone explain the protocol for the nude beach....about walking into the ocean from the beach

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    Good morning!

    You should love the beach at CN's AN side! Walk on in, stake out your spot, lose the clothes, and relax! When you are on the AN side, I tend to see the section of the ocean straight out from the hedge and the property line as "our" swimming area. How you get out there is up to you! Alot of people will drag or wrap up in a floatie to get to the water, and some will just wander out. It really depends on how comfortable you are being naked outdoors. Once you swim and float in that warm, calm water without a suit, it never feels the same having to wear one!

    There are some who say that it is not "private" enough for AN, with people being able to walk past (it is a long beach not a cove type) but my wife and I have never been really bothered by it, and we usually sit right up front under the seagrapes tree. You will get people walking by, and some may gawk at us nudies, but security usually does a great job of keeping them moving along. Our philosophy has always been, we're comfortable and happy naked, if it bothers you, that's your problem, not ours. And if you are that worried about being seen naked, don't get naked.

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    Thank you for your reply and your insight.
    Much appreciated.

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    Ditto Tom and Lori. Explained it exactly how it works. When we were there last, one of the girls liked to go sit at the edge of the water. A few gawkers but no one bothered her and wasn't a problem at all.

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    I went for the first time during the trading spaces / places thing while spending the week at Couples Swept Away. We're booking CN for a full week in May because we loved the AN side so much!!!!! It was an exceptionally hot day, so I must have moseyed back and forth from our loungers to the ocean at least 15 times. I just wrapped the floatie around me and then waltzed right in. Floating naked is fantastic. I cannot wait to return!!!!!! I'm especially excited about the new beach bar.

    Have fun!

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    169 days...gee we really cant wait!

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