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    Default Coffee Creamer Packs at CSA?

    For those who have been to CSA recently......does CSA have any of the Coffeemate/International Delight type of coffee creamer cups anywhere on the resort? We're hoping they have some form of creamer that is non-dairy, lactose-free....but we can always make room in our luggage and bring our own if needed.

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    When we were there in May 2013 there was original nondairy powder creamer and also creamer cups, there was no flavored ones. I think the powder nondairy creamer was in our room. Just put a note for in your room and they will leave you more in your room. The restaurants have the creamer cups or cream in a little pitcher. Just ask and I know they will fit your needs.

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    Thanks so much for the info!

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    Both Palms and Patios have coffee stations setup all day, with a bucket of the little non dairy creamers. Whenever i needed i would just grab a bunch for the room.

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