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    Default Valentine's 2014

    Just wondering if CN has anything special planned for the 14th. Can't wait to get there!

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    We are wondering the same thing about CSA.
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    I'm sure they do. We were at CSA a few years back and they had a wonderful cocktail party spread on the lawn with beautiful decorations. Will be at CSA this year for the festivities and looking forward to the evening!!

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    Every year they celebrate my birthday and the day we got married at CN....They make it special for us, but everyone is allowed to participate!!!

    So, yes, it is a special evening, usually...One year, the stage was IN THE POOL for entertainment...very cool...I will refrain from making any comments about water and electricity, but it went off well and was very fun...

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    lol ScottB, also celebrating my birthday at CN this year... We'll call mine the warm-up to yours the next day

    Thanks for the info!

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    We have been at CN and CSA for valentines and this year we leave CN on the 14th to move to CSA so all the day time stuff at CN (really great quiz last year) and then a magical evening too. My birthday too but the 10th so our returners dinner will be my birthday party ... The drinks will be on me

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    Have been to CSA a few times on Valentines Day. During the day they have a few special events as in games. In the evening there is a cocktail party on the lawn where wedding gazebo is. The trees all have string lights. They have martini bar, yummy appetizers and great music. Also have something set up for a great photo op. Ladies usually get a rose when you go in to dinner. When you return to room at night a cute little couples bear. Haven't been at that time in 4 years as go later now but always loved Valentine's day.

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