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    Default CSA to CN?!

    I am THIS close to getting hubby to book CN for May 2015. You may have seen a previous post from me thinking about going to CTI but I keep dreaming about Negril's now I am gearing towards CN. The only thing I am worried about is missing the separate buildings at CSA, more restaurants, missing Seagrapes, the smoothies at the athetlic complex, and the bars right on the beach. I have a few questions about CN:

    1) Where do you get your drinks at during the day when in the ocean? The pool bar? Another grill? Beach service?
    2) Is there only 1 pool at CN?
    3) Is the pool ALWAYS busy? Are there always activities going on in the pool or is it pretty chill to relax in too?

    Tell me what you LOVE about CN if you've been to both CN and CSA!

    I am definitely going to do a Trading Places day to our 1st love CSA! But looking forward to loving CN too!

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    Answers to your questions.

    1) Either stick up your flag for beach service, or get them at the pool bar.
    2) There are actually two pools. The main pool, and there is a second small scuba training pool, which can be used when not in use for scuba.
    3) The main pool is mostly busy in the afternoons, but there are times when it's very chill. I enjoyed a few mornings by the pool with no interruption.

    You're bound to get many more responses of different experiences. I've never been to CSA, so I can't vote for which one I like better yet (Like you, I'm trying to convince hubby to explore other resorts). I can recommend CN though, based on my wonderful experience while there on my honeymoon 5 years ago, and based on the fact we've decided to return to CN for our 5th anniversary this June because we loved it so much. Though I do hope that one day we'll try them all.

    Good luck deciding, I would say I recommend trying CN, since it would be new to you.

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    I've been to both and prefer CSA. That said, you will have a great time at CN. There are probably an equal number of people who prefer CN. The beach at CN is very, very nice. If beach is important to you, stay at one of the Negril properties. CSS and CTI have many fine qualities, but the beaches just aren't on that same level.

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    Been to all and love the beaches at both CN and CSA but prefer CN and Bloody Bay location. The grill bar and pool bar are right by the beach. Can be closer than some spots on CSA beach. Washrooms are closer too.
    The buildings are larger, yes, but the setting is similar with palms and ponds and pathways.
    No sweet potato chips but we got them on our trading places day. Try it!

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    We have been to CSA 5 times, but last visit in 12/12 was really impacted by alot of large groups.
    I am hoping CN is more like CSS, smaller resort and fewer groups? We are thinking of going this coming Dec. 1st or 2nd week.

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    In 28 days will be returning to CN for the 6th time. The 5th time was only about 77 days ago. 85 days ago we were at CSA, left there and went to CN a split stay.

    1) Where do you get your drinks at during the day when in the ocean? The pool bar? Another grill? Beach service? You can get your drinks by using the flag service (red at CN), the beach grill, the swim up bar, which like CSA is 2 sided, or you can go to the self serve in the middle of the beach and make your own, This is limited to the types of liquor you have in your room, but also has soda dispensers there as well. So many options.

    2) Is there only 1 pool at CN? There are two, with one being small and used for Scuba instruction. I usually see several people using it as there are always chairs, tables and umbrella's available there.

    3) Is the pool ALWAYS busy? Are there always activities going on in the pool or is it pretty chill to relax in too? There is activity, but the pool is large, bigger then CSA's swim up, so usually no problem.

    You are going to miss the things you mentioned, but if you are like us, the setting and the size of CN keeps calling us back. We have been to CSA twice, and will be there again in 274 days. We love them both, but CN is still our number 1 choice by 51% to 49%. Is good Mon!

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    Well.... we did it. We booked to CN for end of May!! Excited to experience another Couples resorts altho our first true love of CSA will be tough to beat

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    CN is our choice for the very best Couples has to offer..Others have answered your questions so I will not reapeat their answers..CN is never crowded anywhere.
    We always do a Trading Places Day over to CSA..Love CSA but love CN so much more...Being at CN reminds me of the old John Wayne South Pacific islands movies.
    CN to me is the real Jamaica and to me it's located on THE Beach of Negril.

    GO.RELAX.Enjoy CN and have a Salty Dog for me.Ruff Ruff

    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C

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    What's a salty dog?

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