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    Default Photographs/ videos of Sunset Beach since the renovations?

    My wife and I are considering CSS for our next vacation and have not been there since it was GLSS... (A long time ago!).

    We have been looking at some photo and video tours of the Sunset Beach facilities on YouTube. Unfortunately none of them show any of the improvements there and some of them actually make the place look pretty bad. Has the walkway around the pool been widened at all? The video I just watched made it look like the lounge chairs barely fit on the cement with no room to walk past them in some areas. I understand that the grotto is gone now, but would love to see what it all looks like since the improvements. (We have seen one or two still pics of the new hot tub, but very few that we can find).

    Does anyone have, or know where I can find, some pics and videos of Sunset Beach and all it's facilities that show the beach after the seaweed has been raked up (I assume they do that every day like they do at the other resorts that need it) and that shows the pool and hot tub area since the renovation?

    (Obviously I mean pics or videos taken early in the morning before anyone shows up to use the nude area).

    Based on the videos my wife has seen so far she is not inclined to go there.
    Thanks for any help finding what we are looking for to get a more 'fair' view of Sunset Beach!
    Respect and good travels-

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    Sunset Beach was awesome before the renovations but I'm excited about going back to experience the upgrade to the hot tub! You can see pics on this thread:

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    Also - the walkway area between the lounge chairs and the pool is plenty wide enough.

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    Here is a link to our pictures of the renovation and a few of the beach as well. They do a good job of cleaning up the seaweed and the pool and new hot tub are such an improvement of what it was before.

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