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    Default Wait time in immigration line up at Montego Bay airport

    We are arriving on a Saturday in March at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon. I am wondering what the normal wait time is in the immigration line to enter Jamaica.

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    See the recent thread below

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    Usually around 1 to 1 1/2 to make it completely thru at that time on day on a Saturday.

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    We've seen 5 minutes and 35 minutes, but we don't go in peak season or on a Saturday. If you scroll through the boards, you'll find your answer at least twice, I believe. I've seen the posts recently.

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    Yep, 9 posts below yours. There it is.

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    If you go to the thread "How many have arrived on Saturday and what is the wait time".......that can answer you question. I booked the club mobay arrival service because of it.

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    We were just there last Saturday. Our flight landed around 2pm. We were in line for maybe 10-15 minutes. Shortest time every for us. Had to wait for our bags. I don't think this is the norm though. We thought really hard about Club Mobay. Glad we didn't do it but the way home was a different story. But still had plenty of time for our flight.

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    We used Club MoBay when we went in September. It was the best thing going. The line on arrival was about 1.5 hours. We only had one couple ahead of us to make it thru. The departure lounge is fantastic. Food, drinks, comfy chairs. That will be the only way we do it from now on

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