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    Default Honeymoon at CSS or CTI??

    Hi there. I'm new to the forum. Its nice to join the Couples Resorts message board.
    My fiancé and I are trying to narrow down our honeymoon destination between CSS and CTI. I know there have been previous discussions regarding the same subject, however I just wanted clarify a few things with the people that have previously stayed at these resorts.

    Is there a waiter service at either of these hotels at the beach and/or and the pool? I find this extra service really makes a vacation more relaxing.

    Also, we are debating between the room upgrades. We definitely like the oceanview suite. Is it worth it to upgrade to beachfront suite? We don't mind the walking at CSS.

    Also, what are the chances of getting upgraded to a penthouse when you are arriving on your honeymoon? Anyone has had previous experiences?

    Any other info or insights would definitely be greatly appreciate.


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    First. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Both are very similar but slightly different resorts. CTI is slightly larger than CSS, but not by much. Some of the more common things like the quality of the food, staff, and services will be very similar. Both have AN sunbathing if this is important to you.

    CSS is smaller and more intimate. CSS has more steps, which may be an issue. From speaking to people on the bus between the resort and Montego Bay, the nightlife is better at CTI if this is important to you. I don't think they offer the catamaran cruise anymore at CSS. Getting upgraded to a penthouse depends upon availability. If you are going during the heart of tourist season, between January and April, don't count on upgrading to a penthouse.

    Something to consider about the room. How much time will you really spend in your room? Yes, we like to get one of the nicer rooms. But we really don't spend a whole lot of time in our room. We spend most of the day on the beach. We will come back to the room to shower and change clothes before dinner. We usually walk around the resort between dinner and the start of the nightly entertainment. After the nightly entertainment we may occasionally use one of the after hours bars. Then we go back to the room and get ready for bed. We are usually pretty wiped out by the end of the day and go to bed.

    Some advice. Pace yourself. The bars open early and there will be at least one bar that stays open until the last person leaves. You will also have a stocked bar in your room. You don't want to spend any of your valuable time in paradise passed out in your room. Pace yourself.

    There is no wrong choice when choosing one of the Couples resorts. One thing about Couples Resorts. GO there once and you will find yourselves going back again and again and again... I think that all of the repeat visitors speaks volumes for Couples Resorts.

    Only 29 more days until we return to CTI Getting a little closer every day.

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    Loved both but I personally think CSS is more romantic for a honeymoon. It's great for walking with plenty of spots for privacy in a hammock or maybe mineral hot tub at night.
    We found drink service on the beach sporadic at CTI without flags. CSS had flags and service. But that was 2011 so someone can correct me if things changed.

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