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    Default Speaking of things to bring.

    How about Red Bull? Readily available? have been to other resorts that had it, but was an exorbitant cost. Miller Lite a can was 7 dollar U.S. at the gift shop, (but she really wanted that beer). Red Stripe Light on tap? always liked that. And anyone know of a local grocery store you can walk to outside of the resort? Thanks in advance, yours truly, The DJ.

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    Just outside the front driveway (across the street to the right) there is a gas station with a little convenience store. I can't say that I ever looked for Red Bull, but it would not surprise me if they had it.

    It is right next door to the Negril Aerodrome (airport). Occasionally we will fly TimAir back to MB. I enjoy walking over to the gas station for a beer or two while waiting on the plane.

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    Thanks Bert, I'll check it out.

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