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    Default Planning Dinners at CSS?

    This is a question for the CSS repeaters out there. When we go to CN we arrive with a clear idea of what we are doing for dinner each night.
    We will arrive at CSS late in the day (but before dinner) on a Thursday and will be there for 7 nights. What reservations and dinner plans would
    you make for the Thursday -Wed?
    I realize your experience may not work for us, but I would be interested to hear how others who have been there approach this.

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    We usually arrived late day Sat and would eat at Bella Vista because it doesn't require a reservation. Tuesday is the Beach Party, and Friday is the Gala, so the restaurants are closed. We then would decide which of the restaurants we wanted which night, and would set up reservations. I like to eat at least once at Cassanova. The last couple of years we only did it once because my husband has COPD, and needed oxygen at times, so the walk up the steps was hard, and it was much easier to eat at either Pallazina or Bella Vista. We also would do the repeaters dinner. I would make reservations once you decide as sometimes the times you want fill in quickly.

    Whatever you decide, just relax and enjoy you vacation.

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    Friday and Tuesday's are gala/beach nights so its buffets on those nights. Last time we found the Bella Vista has the same menu for 3 nights Sat-Mon and a different one for 2 nights Wed-Thu so we ate there two of the three nights Sat-Mon (as there are about three choices of each course so we didn't eat the same meal twice) and once Wed-Thu. The two remaining nights of each week of our stay we ate once at Casanova and once at Pallazina. Although Casanova was nice we found we preferred Pallazina as they have the Pasta station as well as an help yourself area whilst waiting for the other courses to be delivered. This time we are arriving Thursday afternoon which I think is repeaters meal night so I am guessing it will be the following Thursday that we try that.

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    Thursday 2 options
    1) bella vista- no reservations required and its right on the beach ( we usually do this our first night)
    2) try for late reservation at Casanova or Pallazina. There are often seatings at 800 or 830 if you can wait that long
    Friday is Gala, only other option is in-room.
    I like the Gala. The buffet is good. Usually the entertainment is good
    Sat to Mon try both Casanova and Pallazina
    We really like Casanova and eat there most nights but both are good
    Tues is the Beach party which I like also. Some people stay in their room because they say it takes too long but I enjoy it

    Hope this help
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    Thursday, I would head to Bella Vista for dinner. The two of you can enjoy your meal while listening to the waves crash on the beach. Friday night is the Starlight Gala on the main lawn, so your choices are limited to only room service. Tuesday is the Beach Party which is very fun with a great Jamaican buffet and great entertainment. You will definitely want to enjoy a meal at Palazzina and Casanova. You can make these reservations at the Guest Services desk after you've completed check in. Have a great trip!

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    "...Friday is the Beach Party, only other option is in-room (Room Service)..."

    Apparently there is now limited seating a la carte at Pallazina on Tuesday nights. You could also opt for a "Special Dinner", too!
    So there is actually three other options to the Beach Party Buffet on Tuesdays!
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    Thursday - Bella Vista
    Friday - Starlight Gala
    Saturday - Pallazina
    Sunday -Private Dinner or Casanova
    Monday - Casanova or Bella Vista if you did Casanova Sunday
    Tuesday- Beach Buffet
    Wednesday - Repeaters Dinner or Lobster at Casanova depending on when you are going.
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    You should be able to get into Cassanova your arrival date and maybe even Pallazina later in the night, if you obtain reservations later go down to Bella Vista have soup and appetizer to hold you over, no one stops you from eating at multiple locations in one night. Actually we had dinner three two of our 10 nights at CSS because we really enjoyed dining down on the beach few feet from the water also felt very romantic with all the torches lit, besides the dinners were excellent just as good as Cassanova, something to about wearing nice clothes to dinner but eating barefoot down on the beach! I know sounds crazy hot soup in Jamaica but I had Bella Vista soup very day they were excellent. Beach parties were excellent also, some more barefoot dining with table so near the water feet got wet later in the night! We were there for two during our stay one night entertainment was ok other night it was excellent. The gala was excellent also we had first floor room building A and just walked of our patio right in to the Gala, it was amazing to watch all the work they put into the Gala and how well organized they are! After parties at Sunset Beach (with clothing some very minimal) on the beach party nights were very good also.

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    Sorry I had nights for Beach party and Gala backwards but otherwise the same

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    I'd pretty much echo everything said above but would add this. It also depends on what time of year you go. We were there this past September and arrived on a Sunday. We made a couple of reservations when we checked in for later in the week. That night as we were walking to BV we noticed that Pallazina wasn't very busy. So we went up to the hostess, told her we didn't have reservations and asked if they could work us in at some point. "No problem, mon!" And she promptly seated us. We ended up doing this several nights sometimes just us and other times with other couples. They were very accommodating and didn't at all seem put out that we asked.

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