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    I'm waiting until the line for Club MoBay is 2 hours long and the normal line is zero.

    Actually we arrive in the middle of the week and have had none to 30minutes wait, depending if October (0 wait) or February. I'm going to monitor flights in February this year and may book MoBay just to try it out if nothing else. My take, is if it makes you feel comfortable by booking it go ahead. It's your vacation and you might as well feel good about it from the start. Is good Mon!

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    What we have done in the past is arrive in Jamaica the day before our scheduled stay at Couples. We took a later flight and there was no rush to get through immigrations and customs. We stayed the night in Montego Bay for around $100 (about same price as Club Mobay). We took a taxi, $15 + tip and the next morning, around 10 am, the same driver picked us up, another $15 + tip, and took us back to the airport. We were not allowed back inside, so security got someone from Couples to come outside and check us in. We waited about 20 minutes for the next bus to pick us up. We arrived a little after noon in Negril.

    The advantage to doing it this way was we didn't have to get up really early in the morning to catch our flight.
    Didn't have to stress about missing a tight connecting flight because of bad weather or delays.
    Got to Negril around noon time, more rested, rather than arriving in Montego Bay around 12:30, and arriving in Negril late afternoon tired from the long day.

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    We are headed to CTI in March. What exactly is Club MoBay, and how do I sign up? Any help would be great!

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