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    Default Best way to book Club MoBay

    We've decided we are going to go with club Mobay. Does anyone have any recommendations about whether to book direct through them or through Couples? Price is no different. We've already booked or rooms etc, so this would done as a separate transaction. Thanks!

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    I went through the Club Mobay website and emailed them directly. It was very simple, they walk you through it. They email you a confirmation receipt, too.

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    We did it through the same travel agent we used to book our trip. Seems the company our travel agent uses has an arrangement with Club MOBAY. Slightly cheaper than the Club MOBAY website, but not by a lot. I did it this way more for convenience.

    I had one very minor issue doing it this way. All I got from my travel agent was a coupon for Club MOBAY. I wanted some peace of mind that the service was actually booked. I simply emailed VIP attractions. I explained that I booked this through a travel agent. I gave them the names of the people using the service, the date we arrive, the flight number, and the scheduled arrival time. In no time I received a friendly reply confirming the service is actually booked and received a confirmation number. They also included a pdf document explaining how to use the service.

    For you, I would just use the VIP Attractions website

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    We got a discount by booking with the resort. It may be the same as TA's get but cheaper than buying at the airport.

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    I went through the club mobay website and followed up with a phone call to expedite the process as we were close to the 24Hr cut-off. They sent me an email with our confirmation of booking a couple hours later. Will be there in 2Days so looking forward to a nice stress free arrival and departure.

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    We booked through the expedia website for Canada, then I emailed VIP attractions and they had received all the info. I did not have to show them anything when we arrived. We bought the departing tickets at Swept Away when we were paying our bill and checking out.

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    We actually booked using our bank's travel reward points. Typically Couples, online travel sites and TA's give you a 10% discount over airport/direct booking from what I've seen.

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    Thanks! We booked directly through them.

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