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    Default Help!! I need a quick answer please!!!

    Hi all!
    We are arriving at CSS on Saturday and I cannot remember if the hairdryers in the rooms were very powerful!! If they are, I can leave mine at home. We haven't been to CSS in 3 years so someone please refresh my memory!!!

    Thanks much!!

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    Bring your own.

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    IMO, they are not very powerful. They were OK for me, I have shoulder-length, very fine hair, but I seem to remember lots of people say they did not think they were powerful enough.

    Enjoy your time at CSS! We'll be there in 3 months!!!


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    not very powerful but OK

    I leave mine at home

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    Leave yours at home unless you're very particular about how your hair looks, because once you see how the humidity affects it, you'll give up and just enjoy yourself. I find the dryers take a little longer, but are effective enough.

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    Thanks everyone, I will bring my own. Better safe than sorry......

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    I know you already decided to bring your own, but I just wanted to reinforce your decision !!

    The hairdryers at CSS are always similar to this style, the small, wall-mounted (useless) type (these pics from CN are my most recent Couples hairdryer pics !!):

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    Yes there is nothing like a good blow job at CSS.

    Sorry I could'nt resist any longer.

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