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    Default Current Negril Weather...rain?

    So I have been checking the weather for the next 10 days and it shows rain everyday. I know it is a tropical climate and I have been to CSA 6 times now, however at this time of year I always show sunshine with a slight chance of rain and I am getting nervous! We leave 3 weeks from today to come to CSA-I know that is a little far away, but I am worried about the rain!

    How has the weather been this week?? Raining or sunny?

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    We have been wondering the same thing! Arriving at CN in 2 days and hope it's not too wet!! More rum and Red Stripe I guess.....
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    Good news! I was able to get the 52 week forecast. It's going to be 84 and sunny with possible showers in the afternoon.

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    go here:

    Page all the way down to see a satellite with radar image. Change it to animated loop and then look at Jamaica (come on geography class).

    Looks like on Wednesday the 15th all the precipitation stayed to the west.

    Watch it everyday until you go.

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    There was an update to the 52 week forecast joeymi...pouring every day (pouring rum & Red Stripe ).

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    At Negril now. Rain yesterday afternoon and this morning very heavy rain and strong winds. Looks like it could be this way for the next few days!

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    That sounds about right Bert.

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    Remember the worst day of a vacation in paradise is still better than your best day in the office Pub crawls, Shopping, tours, and other activities should fill in any thunder storm time. 80's and rain is better than the sub 20s and snow and ice we have here in MI currently.

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