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    We got married at Couples on 10-16-2013. I was wondering how long it was before you guys got your marriage certificate in the mail? We still haven't gotten ours.

    Also, a probably really dumb question but I just want to make sure.....our marriage is valid in the US starting the day our ceremony took place correct? We don't need to go to our clerks office here in the US to get it "recorded"?

    Thank you!!!!!!!

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    Our marriage certificate took 60-90 days to arrive. Yes, the marriage in Jamaica is valid and effective the day of your ceremony. You will want to have it recorded with the clerks office once you get your certificate so as to have it on file should the original ever get lost. Congratulations and wishes for many happy years ahead!!

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    Assuming that you were both marriageable (e.g., you are both of legal age, neither of you is still married to another, etc.), then your Jamaican marriage is valid and recognized in the United States. You need to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when you receive your marriage certificate.

    Contrary to the above advice, county clerks have no authority to record marriages performed in other jurisdictions. County clerks maintain records of marriages performed within the county regardless of where the bride and groom live, not records of marriages entered into by county residents in other places.

    Itís largely a matter of record keeping. Thus, if your parents lived in one county but you were born in a hospital in another county, the county in which you were born would issue the birth certificate. Similarly, regardless of where you live, the county wherein your life ends would issue the death certificate. Itís the same with marriage certificates. Your marriage certificate is issued by the county (or parish in Jamaica) where the marriage ceremony took place.

    If you lose your marriage certificate and need an additional certified copy, you will need to contact the appropriate Jamaican authority (your county clerk will not be able to authenticate public records produced by a foreign governmental body). According to the Couples Wedding FAQs:

    To request a copy of your marriage certificate after you have left Jamaica, please contact:

    The Registrar General Department
    Twickenham Park
    Spanish Town, St. Catherine
    Jamaica, W.I.
    Fax: 1-876-907-4541
    Telephone:1-876-619-1260 OR 1-876-749-0550
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