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    Default Bring back $1000 air credit and I'll book today!

    Last year I was able to get this on a couplicious Wednesday deal! This year, the deals haven't been near as good and they are very resort and time specific. Bring back the $1000 air credit. I'm ready for my 4th trip!


    CSA 2009, CSS 2010, CSA 2013, ??? ????

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    I agree. The Wednesday deals have been pretty lame.

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    The reason the Wednesday deals may not seem as generous is because the economy is improving, so Couples doesn't need to entice people as "aggressively…." I think the days of the significant credits are gone - but maybe that's not such a bad thing if it's an indicator of better economic times...

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    Maybe you should wait for the early booking for 2015 which will be available around Valentines day. It will give you more time to save and there are usually resort credits. We all have to remember Couples is a business and they need to make money. The early offers are usually the best offers.

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    I think our December trip to CSS is going to be the least expensive we have ever done (7 trip in 5 years 6 CN, first to CSS). My wife is an excellent bargain shopper and she always finds a way to minimize per day cost, maximize resort credit. From my limited perspective, Couples has done a fine job in controlling rate increases.

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