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    Default Return shuttle times CSA

    I am trying to decide whether to fly back to MBJ at the end of our vacation or take the resort shuttle. Our flight home departs MBJ at 4:00pm. Does anyone know what time the shuttle would leave the resort to catch this flight?

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    They kick you out about 4hrs before your flight.

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    Between noon and1:00.
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    They leave about 4 hours from your departure time.

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    They usually allow about 4 hours from leaving the resort to fly time and so you would leave at 12.00 noon. We travelled from CSA to MBJ on a Sunday this last December and made very good time.
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    The shuttle leaves about 4 hours prior to your flight, so it would be at noon in your case, moira. The last few years, we have decided to take TimAir from Negril to MoBay and think it is a wonderful way to end our vacation. It gives us another 1 1/2 hour on property, which gives us time to have lunch at CSA. I am also not a huge fan of the shuttle ride back to the airport (it's just too sad for me to be leaving!). In our case, we have a 3:30 flight from MoBay back to the U.S. Instead of taking the 11:00 shuttle, we leave CSA around 12:45 (CSA provides the van to the Negril airport) and we catch the flight there that gets us to MoBay by 1:30 (plenty of time to check in for our flight).

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    When you arrive at CSA, during check-in you will fill out a questionnaire. One of the sections on the from will be your departure date, airline, flight number, and departure time. Couples will coordinate your departure. From this date and time they know when to come to your room to get your bags, when you will check-out, and what shuttle bus to put you on. Couples has been doing this for a long time and they will get you to the airport in plenty of time. No Problem

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