Have been hearing and reading a lot in Canada the last week or so about how travel prices are going to start increasing because of our lower Canadian Dollar against the American Dollar. We purchased our trip on Dec 2, 2013 for our return trip to CSA in May 2014 and we normally try to wait to see if we could get a better deal by just being patient. Well I decided yesterday to check to see if there was any changes in prices, I went to the website and punched in all the same information and dates and the price was up $464, and today I did the same and it was up again $517 more then what we paid back in early December.
Has anyone else gone back to see if there has been any major price shifts to Paradise?

I am so glad we went against our normal routine and booked, because if these prices do continue to climb, we may only get to take these awesome vacations every 2nd year!!