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    Long Island - sounds fabulous. You guys get the first round, and the rest are on us (Jon and Karen). Pretty certain that we'll all give the island bartenders a solid workout. Poor ol' Kenrick may croak if/when he hears the words "Three Mon" (drinking game) uttered. Gonna be a good time, no doubt about it.

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    My husband and I will be at Couples Tower Isle from May 12-17. I can't wait. This will be both of our first times out of the United States. I'm so glad it will be at Couples in Jamaica! I've heard great things about this resort.

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    My fiancé and I are getting married at CTI on May 31st. We will be there May 28th-June 4th before we move to the Negril resort. And we're bringing 20 people with us. Hope y'all are ready to party!

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    Hello everyone, this will be our first trip to CTI, arriving May 7 and staying through the 12th. Looking forward to a fun and friendly atmosphere both on and off the Isle.

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    7-12 for us.........first trip.

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    16 days til paradise,may 11-18 can't wait. hope to see you all there.

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    We will be at CTI 5/3-5/10 we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary. 1st time to couples very excited!!!

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