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    Default Booked for May! Question re: resort credit.

    Just booked our 3rd trip to CTI for the beginning of May. We're celebrating our 20th anniversary and we're thinking of having our vows renewed there. We also have the $300 resort credit, along with our $100 romance rewards credit. Can these be applied to the $250 vow renewal fee? I checked the list of what it can and can't be used for, but the wedding/vow renewal packages weren't really on either list. Budget is a little tight this year (understatement!), so we might have to skip it and opt for a private dinner or something instead if the answer is a no. Not that big of a deal either way really. I'm just so damn excited to be heading back there again! Wooohooo!

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    You have to pay for the renewal ( or at least we did ) before you get to the resort so you can not use resort credit. Congrats on 20 years.

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    No I don't think so. We are renewing our vows in April and they want the 250 when you reserve your date.

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    No, you have to pay for the renewal up front. You don't receive the resort credits until you arrive.

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    Thanks for the replies. That's what I figured. We might just have to settle for a nice private dinner on the beach, do a nice private renewal of vows on our own, and spend lots of time at the spa. I think I can handle that!

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    If you are doing the private dinner go for the island it is the most wonderful evening you will ever have. We did this for our 21st anniversary last year. (It's a night you will never forget).

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