Hi all! My husband & I will be first time visitors to a Couples resort when we visit CSA at the end of February. I'm trying to balance being chill and over planning and have a few questions:

1) we are landing at 2pm on a Saturday, and it looks like there are 10-15 flights scheduled around our landing time. I'm leaning towards booking Club Mobay because it's a busy time on a busy day in a busy season. I know that there's a chance that it might not be any quicker than usual, but it seems like a higher volume time. Any insights?

2) our flight leaves at 4pm on a Friday. I read somewhere that Couples will schedule you to leave about 4 hours prior to flight departure, so around 12 noon in our case. Does that sound right?

3) folks we should tip include: airport baggage handlers and/or Club Mobay personnel, van drivers to/from couples, catamaran cruise crew. Am I missing anyone if we don't go off property? And what's an appropriate tip for each per person or per couple?

4) when we arrive we should book: lemongrass, feathers, sunset/catamaran cruise, and glass bottom boat. Anything else?

5) My husband will probably play a round of golf at Negril Hills, when should he book that?

6) should I bring a plain white tee for tie dye?

7) has anyone done the tarot card reading & how much was it?

Thanks in advance for any insights! This board has been a blessing for planning purposes! Can't wait to be there