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    Default CSA newbies at end of February: Questions

    Hi all! My husband & I will be first time visitors to a Couples resort when we visit CSA at the end of February. I'm trying to balance being chill and over planning and have a few questions:

    1) we are landing at 2pm on a Saturday, and it looks like there are 10-15 flights scheduled around our landing time. I'm leaning towards booking Club Mobay because it's a busy time on a busy day in a busy season. I know that there's a chance that it might not be any quicker than usual, but it seems like a higher volume time. Any insights?

    2) our flight leaves at 4pm on a Friday. I read somewhere that Couples will schedule you to leave about 4 hours prior to flight departure, so around 12 noon in our case. Does that sound right?

    3) folks we should tip include: airport baggage handlers and/or Club Mobay personnel, van drivers to/from couples, catamaran cruise crew. Am I missing anyone if we don't go off property? And what's an appropriate tip for each per person or per couple?

    4) when we arrive we should book: lemongrass, feathers, sunset/catamaran cruise, and glass bottom boat. Anything else?

    5) My husband will probably play a round of golf at Negril Hills, when should he book that?

    6) should I bring a plain white tee for tie dye?

    7) has anyone done the tarot card reading & how much was it?

    Thanks in advance for any insights! This board has been a blessing for planning purposes! Can't wait to be there

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    I'll let others answer most of these, but I will tell you that We landed on a Sat. once, around2:00, and the wait for Immigration was close to 2 hrs. We have a flight for Sat. this year and we're going with the club without a doubt! #2 is correct. #3, Spa people if you use them. Have a blast!

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    I can answer a few of your questions. We arrive back "home" on Jan 25, which is a Saturday. The past few years, we have arrived on a Sunday around 12:30 and really did not need Club Mobay. However, someone on this MB posted the question: What would upset you more: paying for Club MoBay and not needing it; or not paying for Club MoBay and needing it? I thought that was brilliant, because I am definitely the type of person who would be fuming in line if I didn't buy Club MoBay and needed it. So I booked Club MoBay.

    You are correct on the departure time; you'll leave at noon for a 4:00 departure.

    You can also tip the spa personnel. We typically tip the shuttle driver $20 for both of us; the baggage handlers $1/bag; the cat cruise $5 or $10; and spa personnel about 20% of the service price.

    You can book the glass bottomo boat and snorkeling one day in advance at the watersports hut. The restaurants and the cat cruise can be booked at the concierge (near check-in).

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    Thanks so much! I'll go ahead and book Club MoBay for the arrival; BobandJudy: I would be peeved at myself if we got stuck in a line and knew I could have avoided it!

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    Golf is easy. The bus leaves at 7:30 or 8:00. Never a lot of people.

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