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    What is better swept away or negri and why!

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    It all depends what you are looking for in a resort. I have been to CTI, CN & CSA. All were great. My favorite was CN. Intimate. Not as many venders or jet skis. I thought in the beginning I would like it the least. CSA has a WONDERFUL Sports Complex, so if you workout each day, that is the one. I had an Atrium Suite at CSA, the one we were given (2236) 2nd floor. , was actually right on the beach, just that the side was towards the gardens. Looking through the shutters from our bed was nothing but the ocean!! CTI is beautiful, but smaller (although lovely and private ) beach. But, there are the Dunn's falls adventure for a complimentary tour. We may go to CSS just to try and take advantage of the Blue Mountain Bike Tour (not included but I hear very worthwhile). I would love to visit other places, but my heart leads me back to Jamaica!

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    Boricua..Neither one is better overall..We have stayed at CN,CTI and CSS but always do a Trading Places Day over to CSA while at CN.We love CN best for several reasons.
    CN's beach is just so beautiful.Like being on your very own South Pacific island.
    CN's beach is deeper with more shade and less waves.
    CN's swim up bar is the best in JA..It's the meeting place where strangers meet,hug and become life long friends.
    CN's lay out is awesome.
    CN.Couples Negril.Oh,how I do love typing these words.

    Hugs from Tommywommy
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    Boricua...Some will tell you that no Couples Resort is the best one but I disagree.
    We choose CN over the others for several reasons.

    CN's lay out..All building form a horse shoe around the beach,pool and swim up bar.
    CN's beach is the very best beach in my opinion..It's like being on your very own South Pacific island..More depth,calmer waters and more shade.

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