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    Default Couples Swept Away- Pizza?

    Can you tell me if pizza is available at Swept Away and if it is good.

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    Pizza is available at Patois. The breakfast pizza is AMAZING. They also have pizza available for lunch and dinner. If you don't like the toppings, you can request something else.

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    Patois Patio has pizzas I know. They are very good. The type of pizza varies but it's usually a Jamaican style with jerk chicken and local veggies.

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    It's not you sausage and cheese kind of pizza and yes it is very good. My favorites are the breakfast pizza and the shrimp pizza.

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    Default's yummy !!!

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    I had the breakfast pizza at Patois and it's DELISH!!

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    In order for a pizza to be good to me, it has to have a great crust. Patois pizza has the perfect crust - not too thick or thin and there is a little crunch to it. Enjoyed it very much!!

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    The pizzas at Patois are all individual serving size and thin crust. They actually do have a sausage and cheese pizza that is delicious.

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    Patois pulled pork pizza is amazing!

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    Tell me more about the sausage and cheese pizza please,yummy. We never saw that. If they do I am sorry for the wrong info, what I ment was it's not the kind of pizza you find at Pizza Hut.

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    The pizzas at Patois are lovely. We usually go there for lunch and order 2 pasta main courses and a pizza to share between us, they always tell you how long the pizza will be, maybe 15mins but then you know they are fresh. Will have to try a breakfast pizza when we go in March!

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    The shrimp and prosciutto pizza at Patois is the best thing I've eaten at CSA
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    Hi Redinthehead - the sausage and cheese pizza is one of my favorites. What is interesting is that they use the breakfast sausage, which has a unique flavor. If you've ever had the breakfast sausage at CSA, you know what I mean.

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    Pizza at CSA was very good but bar none the BEST pizza I've EVER had was at BellaDonnas on the One Love Bar Crawl. That includes in the States also. Nothing compares to her pizza.

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