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    Default Brand of coffee for rooms

    Does Couples Tower Isle supply Blue Mountain Coffee for the in room coffee makers?

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    Nope. While there may occasionally be some exceptions.... Authentic JaBlum is only served in the ala carte restaurants and usually in a French Press. The rooms generally have High Mountain or Low Mountain coffee in their filter bags for the coffee makers in the rooms. High Mountain is usually served at the buffet restaurants (breakfast, lunch, and regular buffet dinners). High Mountain is also grown in the Blue Mountains, but at a lower elevation.

    Blue mountain is grown between 3000-5000 ft elevation. High Mountain is 1,500 - 3000 ft. Low Mountain (sometimes called Supreme) is grown below 1500 ft.

    Jamaican High Mountain is outstanding coffee and most people who think are are in love with Blue Mountain Coffee have actually only had High Mountain which is served at many resorts in the main buffet restaurants. All of the Jamaican coffees are quite good!


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    Here's the coffee packet in our room last Aug at CSS. I didn't get a close up this past Aug, but at all the Couples they are always similar to this, and like Roy said, never the "real" thing in the rooms They'd have to charge a higher room rate if they always put the good stuff in there !!

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    Thank you so much for the information. We were at Couples Tower Isle 3 years ago, and the packets in the rooms said Blue Mountain Coffee, and it was amazing! Coming back again the beginning of March and was just wondering. Can't wait to "come home again!!!!

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    If you look at the packets in the rooms, the coffee is a blend and contains only a small % of Blue Mountain. You may only get 100% Blue Mountain in certain restaurants, if at all. Just something to watch too when buying coffee in Jamaica because there's blends of Blue Mountain and there's also High Mountain.

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    I still have 2 packets of the in room Blue Mountain they used to have. Guilty as charged, but, I only took the 2 from the last day we were there, I drank them every other day.

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