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    Default What is the one thing a new couples to CSA must do??

    We are making our first trip to CSA and we wonder if there is anything that we should put on our do not miss list?

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    There are so many, but the first 2 years we went to CSA, we didn't eat at Lemongrass. Big mistake ! We ate there last year and won't miss it again. We'll try to get 2 reservations when we are there at the end of this month We enjoy a stroll to Margaritaville. If you face the ocean go left. It's about 5-6 minute walk. We do it once while we are there.........have lunch and a drink.

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    Shanzman, I see you are from mn, we are too . As far as your question, to pick on thing not to miss is very hard but I will say the cat cruise. Our 6th trip is in April and we never miss that. Sign up early like when you check in because of bad weather, it will get canceled from time to time. We always have a blast and bring a few bucks for the tip jar on the bar as the crew aren't couples employees. They sell trinkets and if you're lucky, rasta Ralph will entertain you and he sells tank tops of you're so inclined. If you'd like a few pics of the resort, email me at
    Have a great time!

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    3 important things;
    Experience/rekindle the love with your significant other

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    Walk around the entire resort!! Sand gravity takes us all by surprise, but we loved the Sports Complex area. Try YOGA on the beach, I did it one morning and it was a treat. Wish I could have that atmosphere when doing YOGA at home. Get up early and go for a walk around the resort. i think mornings were the best part of the day.

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    Check out the spa and sports complex across the street! Walk down the beach (both ways), and go to Patois Patio for at least one sit down breakfast to experience the banana stuffed French toast.

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    2-Sweet potato chips & dip
    3-Try all soups
    4-Bob Marley shots
    4-Purple rain drinks
    5-Piano Bar
    6-bonfire night

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    Grab a seat at the Martini Bar and have 1 or 2 before dinner or after! Also, make your way to the Aura lounge and listen to the guy playing the piano. He plays great music and you can sing along to some very familiar tunes!

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    Grab a bottle of sparkling water, sit on the beach, and enjoy the sunset.

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    Get a couple of glasses (plastic cups) of champagne at the beach bar right before sunset and take them out into the water on the floaties to toast the sunset! Don't forget the waterproof camera and turn the flash on when photographing people and sunset at the same time.

    Mango smoothies at the sports complex.

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    You have to block out your other life!! You are in paradise with the one you love, there are no clocks or deadlines, you're on Jamaican time!! Enjoy the beach, ocean, drink and food!! And take plenty of trips back to the room for other fun things ;-)

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    That's where the stuffed banana french toast was!!! I did not realize Patios patio had breakfast. We always had it delevered!

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    OK - so this is my standard suggestion for "what not to miss…." An oldie, but a goodie….

    Wake up at about 5:00 - 5:30AM. Go to the Palms and ask the wait staff for a carafe of coffee. Get a cup of milk and some sugar packets. Bring back to your room. Sit on your verandah or take a walk along the beach and watch the resort wake up. It is just lovely at this time of day - very few people out and about, although you may see the horses on the beach or see the waterspouts guys raking and prettying everything up.

    Another suggestion is to inhale deeply when you leave your room in the evening. For us, the scent of the evening air at CSA is just wonderful - a combination of flowers / plants, the sea and sand. Ahhhhhhh….

    But mostly, just enjoy being with your loved one and relax!!

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    Catamaran Cruise was the highlight of our trip. Bring your camera!
    Marc & Beth - Michigan

    CSA Nov 2011
    CSA/CN Split Oct 2014

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    You gotta:

    Take the Orientation Tour to learn your way around and what's available for you
    Try a "Hummingbird" with a Rum Cream Float
    Have Dinner @ Feathers & Lemongrass
    Eat Banana Stuffed French Toast @ Patois Patio
    Walk a couple of miles down 7-mile beach
    Take the Catamaran Cruise and swim to the caves
    Eat Chips with Pumpkin Jalapeno Dip & a Fish Taco @ The Sea Grape Cafe
    Enjoy a Couples Massage
    Try a Soursop or Sweetsop (depending on the season)
    Have a conversation with an employee
    Go to the Friday Shipwreck Beach Party
    See the Silverbirds perform
    Enjoy Jerk Chicken and Meat Patties @ the Cabana Grill
    Come to the Beach Bonfire
    Join Ultimate Chocolate at the Piano Bar
    Have a Smoothie @ the Sports Bar when you need a Rum break
    Float on a floatie or just on your back with your eyes close for awhile...
    Enjoy a Private Dinner on the Beach with your loved one
    Lay in a Hammock

    Have an attitude of gratitude and show LOVE!

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    Softail19 and all, I appreciate all of the input. Unfortunately, it looks like rain the whole week that we are there. Hopefully, the 30-40% chance of rain includes 60-70% sunshine and then we will be fine. I love the Carafe of coffee back to the room, that is something I would not have thought of. I will try my best to relax and drink in the Honeymoon. Thanks everyone

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    Do the Catamaran Cruise! Also since I am a total foodie and have been to CSA 6 times now and can't get enough-eat the sweet potato chips/dips and fish tacos at Sea Grapes, the fried snapper at lunch in the Palms, the jerk chicken at the Cabana Grill, and in the morning at breakfast in the Palms they have make your own mimosa and bloody mary's..See you in 3 weeks CSA!

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    If you don't want to get up around 5 - 5:30, wait a bit and have it brought to your room along with some unreal banana bread, and fresh fruit!!! Room service baby!!

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    In all 5 of our trips to CSA the weather has said 40% chance of rain each day. Rest assured it is mostly an afternoon short shower that you can use for a quick recharge (nap), cool off or lunch!! Have a blast!

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    Do NOT worry about rain predictions! You're in the tropics, and there will probably be some rain, but the forecasts tend to make it seem more dire than it really is. And when it's raining, you can still enjoy the water - or just return to your room and enjoy that! Please don't fret about the weather!!!

    Oh yes, and one other suggestion - go across the street to the Fitness Center / Spa….Enjoy the Buddha Pool - you're entitled to a free 1/2 hour massage with proof of recent wedding, I believe….In any case, the Buddha Pool is just lovely and relaxing, and I think you can use it even if you do not use the Spa….That side of the resort is generally very quiet and peaceful….

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    go across the street to the Fitness Center / Spa….Enjoy the Buddha Pool - you're entitled to a free 1/2 hour massage with proof of recent wedding, I believe….In any case, the Buddha Pool is just lovely and relaxing, and I think you can use it even if you do not use the Spa….That side of the resort is generally very quiet and peaceful….
    Technically no, the buddha pool is for Spa patrons only.

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    Like gonegril says, visit the spa and there is a pool table and ping pong too along with a tv. There is a juice bar also, it's a great place to go if it does rain

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    Leave the resort and walk the beach. Meet the locals, sample some real jerk, and experience all that Jamaica has to offer.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    Oh yes-a couples massage...and a private dinner on the beach!

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