We are just back from CSS and I'm having trouble with the new smoking policy. I'm a cigar smoker and try to be very conscientious about not sharing my habit with non-smokers. I realize that not all are pleased at the smell of even a fine cigar. We have been visiting Jamaica since the mid 90's and it has always been very smoke friendly - at least outside - and Couples always followed that trend.

However, on this trip, I was asked to move at what seemed like random times. Some nights I could smoke on the Balloon Bar Patio - some not. Same with the Beach Bar. The rules seem to depend on which bartender or entertainment staff that were working. I did not see any signage outside, nor was there anything in our welcome package to guide me.

I'm happy to follow the rules - as long as they are clear and consistently enforced. But what I saw was not even close to either.

I hope that all Couples' resorts recognizes the rights of all guests to enjoy their holidays. While I know that we smokers are far from the majority these days, most of us want to be considerate of others while enjoying the pleasures of a fine cigar and cocktail after a great dinner. Please allow us the opportunity, while not offending our fellow non-smokers. Let us have a place to do so.