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    Default CSA Premier Beachfront Suite 1st & 2nd Floor?

    I am trying to clarify this and I can not find a clear answer. When you upgrade to the Premier Beachfront Suite, you are paying extra for exactly what? At first I thought it was for the larger wrap around terrace/balcony but I just read someone say that the larger terrace is only located on the first floor. So does that mean this category is located on the first floor only? Then I seen someone suggest the second floor in this category for privacy. So, is it the view/location that makes these rooms "premier" and the first floor having a larger terrace a bonus? Or...both first and second floors have the larger terraces/balconies AND better views than regular BFS and BFVS? Maybe the view/location is not even part of it. Thanks!

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    There are four sets of buildings that are considered PBFS's. Two sets have a single 1st floor room that have larger verandahs. There are two upper rooms in all of these buildings but only one of these rooms is considered a PBFS. We like the upper rooms due to being more private. The two buildings towards the middle of the resort have a better view. You can request which room once you arrive.

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    The two Premier Beachfront Suites in a building are very similar. The downstairs room is a little larger but both do have a very large porch or balcony. Again the downstairs is a slightly bigger but not that much. The upstairs one we always get has a chaise lounge, two cushioned chairs, and a table. It is very large with plenty of extra space. The picture I am attaching only shows about 1/2 of it. More space is just wasted space.

    Your view is going to depend on vegetation at the resort. Some blocks the downstairs view and some blocks the upstairs view. These buildings are only 2 stories high. Privacy is a big plus for us. With the walkways being only a few feet from the building passer byes tend to slow down to peer in and see how these rooms are set up. Upstairs is very private as most people don't walk around looking up and the angle blocks most of their view if they did. It gives us a great morning view of the resort waking up while we have coffee and fruit out there that is delivered by room service. Also a great place to watch the sunset.

    As you can see...we love being upstairs, in our own world, on our very private balcony.

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    Both first and second floor with the large wrap around veranda. On some however, the first floor's wrap around is larger.

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    It is for the larger wrap around terrace. All Beachfront Suites are the closest to the beach - the Premiere part is for the larger porch. They are on both first and second floors. We were just there in December and had a "Premiere Beachfront Suite" and were on the 2nd floor.

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    The premier beachfront suite can be a first or second floor room. These rooms are in the original part of the resort. The rooms are on the beach. The buildings containing these rooms only have 3 rooms. Thes rooms have no television. Having stayed in this type of room in all our visits to CSA I can only say that once we stayed in a premier beachfront suite we wanted no other type of room.

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    I booked this category for 2014. From my years of eyeballing them from below, my belief is that the 2nd floor balcony is larger than standard beachfront balconies, but not as large as first floor. They're both huge though.

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    The downstairs room has the large wrap-around porch, which some (including me!) think is pretty awesome. The upstairs room has a good sized balcony (although not wrap around). I believe the upstairs room also shares the floor with an Atrium Suite which does not view the water and has a small balcony.

    We really enjoy the wrap-around porch, and some of the rooms have extensive ground foliage which provides privacy, but may impede the view a bit.

    I know you can't request a room, but if I were really hoping for the 2nd floor room, I'd choose a regular BFS on the old side, as the price is probably cheaper than the Premier Suite, and the balcony size may be a bit smaller, but not appreciably so. We were lucky enough to have both the wrap-around porch as well as a 2nd floor BFS, and we really liked the 2nd floor room as well - the views were really good, and we liked the vaulted ceiling.

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    How are the views from the regular BFS, are they as good as the premiers?? We just booked a regular one for August. We are going to ask to be more towards the middle.

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