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    Default How Is The Paddleboarding @ CSA?

    Pretty excited to hear they offer that now. How is it?
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    I did it in april and its great fun. The only downfall to me is when the jet skis or ski boats go by and cause a wake, I fell a couple times. You can see the star fish out by the swimming area ropes as the water is so clear. Can't wait until April
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    It's is so much fun! I applaud Couples for offering this popular activity. Definitely do it while you are there SublimeBrad. And look down! I went out to the right of Couples and I had a sea ray swimming around me. It was a neat experience.

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    Yes! I wondered the same last year when I was there for my first time. You walk up to the dive shop, let them know you would like to use a paddle board and they will give you a quick 5 min crash course. First thing in the morning is better because the water is calmer. ( jet skis and boats get going later on in the day). They had three last year, and you can go far.

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    I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time! My husband had a hard time getting his balance, quite entertaining he was….sorry jay :-(

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