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    It's our first visit to Tower Isles I have two questions:
    1. Are there theme nights?

    2. Is it easy to go on the free excursions?



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    CTI has an international gala on Saturday and the beach party on Monday for the "theme nights." Oh, and Fridays are lobster nights, where all restaurants feature lobster.

    I feel that it's easy to go on the free excursions, but you have to sign up a few days in advance for some of them (catamaran cruise especially). We were able to go snorkeling on the same morning we went to sign up. This might be a different story if weather hasn't been cooperating and watersports aren't offered daily. During our 7-night stay we had a few yellow flag days, but it seemed like everything was being offered each maybe because they were able to keep up with demand, that made it easier to participate in all activities.

    Just be sure to sign up within the first 1-2 days of your trip for any activities that you're interested in doing, and all will be well. Enjoy...CTI is an amazing place!

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    The only thing that resembles a theme night is the Beach Party dinner and show and the International Buffet. Otherwise, no real theme night.

    It is usually very easy to get on all of the free excursions at least once. Depending upon how long you are staying, you can do them more than once if you want. Some require you must get on a sign up sheet as space is limited.

    Dunn's River Falls is easy. Just show up at the lobby at the required time.

    You must get in a list for the Catamaran cruise. Do this at the Concierge desk as soon as you check in.

    For scuba diving, snorkeling, and the glass bottom boat you go to the Water Sports Shack on the beach near the pier. They usually do not have the list for more than 24 hours in advance. We try to go snorkeling almost every day and usually have no problem getting on the list.

    Suggestion. Ask at the Concierge desk right after you check in. This is also where you make your reservations for the Bay Side and Eight Rivers restaurants.

    There is also a tour desk for excursions that are not included.

    Only 35 more days until we return to CTI. Getting a little closer every day.

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    Yes to both questions.

    There is a beach party night. Most nights do not have a "theme" but there are things to do in the evenings.

    Going on the free excursions is a breeze. Just check with Guest Services, near the front desk, and they'll help you get set up to go on the ones you'd like.

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    All u guys are awesome thank you so much for answering our questions!

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