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    Hoping somebody can give me some information about the yoga that is offered at CSS. Is it really yoga...or just stretching? We were in Mexico last year, and the yoga that was offered was really just stretching. Also... is it gentle yoga or active yoga?

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    The biggest problem with yoga at css - it's usually in the afternoon, on an open air floor so it tends to be hot. (At cti it's in an air conditioned space and in the morning)

    Second - it depends on who shows up - if you're with a bunch of beginners, they will dumb down the class to accommodate everyone so in that situation it becomes like a slow yoga class which is mostly just stretching.

    If you're the only couple, the instructor will do whatever you want.

    I go down in the morning and do my own thing as the yoga area is still open and early mornings at the mineral pool are especially nice!

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    I am interested in this info as well.

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    Yes, I was wondering why a lot of the yoga classes were offered late afternoon at CN too? I think everyone would prefer the morning.

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    Can anyone offer more information about the yoga at CTI? Is it every morning or only certain ones? Do we need to bring mats?

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