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    Default Computer use??

    Does Couples TI have an internet cafe for guest use of their computers?? I don't think I want to bring my own but would like to have contact with my children a couple times while gone. Any details would be much appreciated! THANK YOU.

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    Yes. It is located near the main pool, near the fitness center and photo shop. They also have WI-FI hot spots near both pools and near the lobby.

    I think all Couples Resorts has some sort of Internet Cafe on the property for guest use. Also, each resort will have WI-FI hot spots.

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    When I was there last year, I had wifi all over the resort. Not always an awesome connection, but it was there, although sometimes I'd need to change which one I was connected to. It seemed to be a big improvement over our previous visit in '10. Thanks to the wonderful invention that is the smart phone, staying in touch with the kids via Skype/FaceTime has never been easier, no computer necessary!

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    THANK YOU!! I plan on taking my iphone and just placing it in airplane mode so I can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi while there!

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    Hi all,

    Can anyone comment on the quality of the WiFi? Is there a decent signal in the rooms? Are the speeds adequate for streaming video or just the occasional email?

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    It was much improved this year in terms of saturation, but signal quality is still "meh".

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