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    Default T-shirt size?

    I tried to search so that I was not asking another silly question but got no results. So here is my question: When doing my online check-in thing for Romance rewards the biggest size they have to select is X-Large for both my hubby and I, while a x-large is fine for me he requires a XXL or XXXL would it be possible once we get there to get a bigger size or am I lucky and get both shirts and he does not get one?

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    The three times we've been to CN the largest size for men's shirts was an XL. My husband also usually wears XXL or XXXL so after a wash or 2 I get his shirt to wear for jammies! The shirts for women are a different cut and are soooooo small!! I wear a small and the large barely fit me after I washed it. Some people here have only been offered mens cut t-shirts (some of these people were at CN just after we left) and I think this is the style I will ask for when we return. I love my shirts but now they are too small!!! This year they only had S and M in the women's shirts and I wish I would have asked for a S or M men's shirt.

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    You can exchange the shirt if it does not fit. As for bigger sizes, that is a good question. The shirts at CTI are a male and female cut.

    Hope this helps.
    Irie Mon

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    The sizing is actually why we choose the candles and oil for the Sept 2009 trip. I still wear my t-shirt from 5 yrs ago...quite ratty tho! lol Guess I will try the t-shirts next May so I can get new ones. I will keep them both for me tho! lol WOOHOO LIFE IS GOOD!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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