We booked beachfront premier..
First time ever long wait at airport.. We been to couples Jamaica three times.. Tower isle second trip to swept away..

Upon arrival late not couples fault.. We got our welcome drink, towel and showed to room.. At first all seemed just as good as last visit.. We unoacked I was disappointed no tub like in great house two years ago.. But said ok go with flow.. It is old room so ok no tub ok.. Upon showering no shower curtain first floor 1126.. So water went all over bathroom floor.. Ok but great view on side cause front porch had huge trees and bushes ok still nice..

Dinner at patios that night excellent service and was lobster night food was delicious so was the bottle of champagne I drank.. But unfortunately we went to night club upstairs on my way down stairs twisted ankle I very painfully got to room.. I don't blame resort that was purely my dumb luck.. Woke up in pain.. Hubbie called nurse said ice it but couldn't get ice till bar opened at 9.. And offered nothing to help so used wash rag it wobbled to breakfast.. But after few hours pain was gone cause whole foot swollen..

Sunday breakfast ya did have to stAnd in line while they cook eggs.. I missed it being on buffet..We still spent Sunday on beach..lunch I was disappointed in variety at buffet so we went to pool restraunt but ya can only eat that so many times.. Two years ago ya ate like queen at buffet.. And went to local restraunt for dinner but wasn't a good one down street..

Monday we called nurse again cause I thought odd pain subsided but my foot was pretty big with swelling finally she offered a zip lock to ice it.. And said dr is 250.. We still went to couples negril for the day! We were oh my god this is the lunch we had two years ago at swept away.. The beach front suite was amazing.. Bathroom huge with jacuzzi.. Back to swept away, repeat dinner, we sat with general manager she said they switched managers from negril to swept away she was at negril two years ago.. So that explains it.. And lobster was disappointment ya had to search for it on ya plate like two inches.. Not at all like two years ago.. Although the service was excellent as usual.. We went to night club bar tenders are wonderful..

New Year's Eve day we spent by pool and ate at buffet.. We noticed our room air was leaking water we called to have fixed.. Seemed to be fixed.. New Year's Eve was lovely reception party food was great entertainment was great exactly like two years ago.. Except it was lobster night two years ago so food seemed more plentiful then.. Anyway still had great night enjoyed lighting lanterns ..

New Year's Day we did the beach again but didn't see anything appetizing to eat for lunch so we went to jimmy buffets..then 4 ish was ricks cafe but before we left we realized air was still leaking called to have fix. When we came back from ricks nothing had been done.. So we called again claimed we had don't disturb on door but we didn't.. While getting ready for dinner maintence guy said was condensation and put air on higher well after he left water leaking only got worse spraying off window as well.. We called again they offered to change room to upstairs room in same building we gave them another chance to fix while at dinner lemongrass.. Dinner at lemon grass for me was plenty of food was too full for dessert but my husband wasn't too excited about selection.. After dinner found air still leaking lots of water so we called said we want to be moved.. And they say will call back but after 10 mins we went to lobby I'm not wasting our trip by phone.. So they moved us upstairs..

1226 room was smaller than downstairs not much of view either.. But I said to myself just for last few days.. So be it.. Closet had more shelves, shower had curtain so water wasn't everywhere.. Dinner at feathers.. Then. Igbo club my husband over did it with shots.. So thank you to the workers and security guard who put my husband on cart pushed him to room and carried him up the stair, the service at the resort is impeccable, but due to food selection, repeat dinner almost non existent lobster, and air conditioner issues we probably won't be back to swept away..