We are returning to Couples for our 7th trip in 5 years, and are returning to CSS. Recent posts on Trip Advisor have us quite nervous, describing a decline in food quality and room maintenance, and that there are dogs now roaming around the resort and beach, and are getting into room service trays left outside the room doors, etc.

Can anyone comment?

Our last trip to CSS was "very good" but we experienced two things that kept it from being "great". The menus were more limited than our first visit (fewer entrees) and Cassanova didn't have several items which were listed on the menu. Also, we noticed the menus didn't change much during our stay and didn't vary much from our first visit which was a year earlier. Since CSS had such a strong gourmet reputation in the past, we were somewhat disappointed.

Regarding animals, we understand that cats/kittens have always been around CSS restaurants, and no doubt they help control rodents, but I do wish guests would not feed them while dining in the restaurant, and that Couples would post a notice requesting this for the consideration of other guests. Please understand that some guests are highly allergic to cats and can't have them slinking around their table/legs looking for scraps. Additionally, during our last visit, halfway through our last visit, one of the cats had a large patch of fur missing from its back, which exposed raw, damaged skin. This cat was walking around Pallazina and it was absolutely stomach-turning. I dreaded going to Pallazina for breakfast/lunch and seeing this cat. I would think stray dogs/wounded cats would become a hygiene/health concern at some point.