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    Hello All,
    I have been reading the message board and I nust say it is much better than Tripadvisor. My husband and I are planning a trip to Jamaica in early April. Is that a busy time for travel to Jamaica? I was conflicted over whether we should go to Negril or Ochos Rios, any advice? We are in our early 30's and we are looking for a laid back resort, with great food and with a medium social nightlife. I am debating between CTI, CN and CSA? Which has the best quality and selection of food? Most lively resort for younger couples? ... note we are looking for a cancun party atmosphere just a chance to be social, dance and meet others. Overall Best Resort recommendation for my above resort wishes? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Cravinsun...I would say for you guys, that although all the Couples resorts are somewhat laid back and geared toward romance, CN has a very social vibe...As for deciding where to go, Our starting point was CN, and thought it perfect..We love Couples and are sold on any/all of them..just did CSS early this year..I have 2 short slideshows to show you <-Couples Negril <-Couples San Souci

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    CSA or CN. We have only stayed at CSA (LOVE IT) great beach, food, people, I could go on and on. I know for what I have read that CN is fantastic. CN is smaller. If you like the beach CSA Or CN is the way to go. ENJOY

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    For a non Cancun party atmosphere I would look at CTI. It is a very private relaxing resort. It includes more tours than any of the others. It is also all new and fresh. CTI has shows every night and a piano bar with different activity every night. It has a new swim up bar that is a lot of fun. They also have the most private AN area with swim up bar a boat ride away on Tower island. Both places are great for meeting people.

    As for food, they are all great.
    Irie Mon

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    cn has probably the reputation for being the youngest couples resort with a large centralized swim up bar it is a lot of fun.
    for beach cn or csa
    if you want to get nekkid
    cn css and cti ( cti nudie are is on a rock )
    i would say cn and it access to west end for a true day night JA experience

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    We went for the first time to Jamaica this past April....April is the driest month of the year. It never rained while we were there! We went to CN. The sun sets straight out from the resort into the ocean. Based on what you say you are looking for, I would highly recommend CN....most of your reasons for choosing were ours as well... I have already booked our april 2010 and 2011 vacations to CN.....that should tell you want we think of CN....we used to go to Maui....not anymore...we are HOOKED!


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    Wow, I remember when I was doing the same thing as you and I agree, this message board played a HUGE role in helping me with my trip preparation. I haven't been to any of your choices, only to CSS, but I can tell you that we went the first part of April our first visit and it was spring break in Georgia so the Atlanta airport was crazy busy! Keep that in mind depending on where you are from. I have friends who have been to CN and CTI and they love them both.....CN has a much better beach but CTI is more secluded. CTI has recently received millions of dollars of renovations and they have a wonderful history. Food and social activity is excellent at every Couples resort. They have stuff going on every night if you want to get involved. Have fun and good luck!!!

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    Early April is still busy season for travel, however, probably not as busy as Feb/March.

    Negril is very different from Ocho Rios. Negril is known for its long beautiful beaches and lay back atmosphere. Ocho Rios is more mountainous and lush, especially CSS. Ocho Rios has few more off resort attractions like Dunns River Falls. There is generally more wind at Ocho Rios and it can rain more often.

    Regarding food, I believe you will find all three resorts to be very similar, with food very good to excellent. Possibly review the type of restaurants at each resort to see which ones interest you the most.

    Nightlife should again be similar at all three, however, we have not been to CSA and it may be slightly better than the others.

    For your first trip, I would go to Negril, CN if you want the nude beach option, CSA if you don't. Both of these resort are rated very highly and have tremendous repeat business. Only problem is you may never want to go anywhere else.

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    Thanks a bunch! We are not yet comfortable enough to adventure to the AN beach so i think our first choice will be CSA then CN then CTI. I am not sure what my agant will be able to book so it is good to have a back up. All of your posted helped give me a feel for the resorts. I look forward to joining the couples fan club!

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