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    Default Couples Massage classes?

    Hi All! We'll also be newbies at CSA in April and was wonderng if they still (or ever did?) offer massage classes? I thought I had seen it somewhere on this forum but not sure? If not, we'll simply avail of their services!!

    Snorkel tours? Any offered here, how far do they go, cost included or as extra cost, assuming tour guide is included and .....can you use your own equipment?


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    It says they offer a massage class on their web page

    Snorkeling is included at no extra charge. You can go as often as you want. However you must sign up on a list as space is limited. Find the Water Sports shack on the beach to sign up. They also provide the snorkeling gear which s OK. If you have your own gear and it is of decent quality, you can use it. We go on the snorkel trips as often as we can.

    The link below may be helpful to see what is included

    One last thing. The times we were at CSA they posted the daily activities on a bulletin board near the entrance to the Palms restaurant. This is updated daily. Be sure to check this bulletin board at least once a day.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 38 more days until we return to CTI. Getting a little closer every day.

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    Yes my friends did it and really enjoyed it

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    Awesome.... Thanks for the replies and we'll definitely be checking out both upon arrival! 107 days for us....but it'll come pretty fast! ;-)

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