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    Default CN AN - chair situation

    There are some very active discussions taking place on the Main Board regarding "chair saving etiquette". This topic has never come up on the Au Naturel board (or at least I have not seen it) so can I assume that chair hoarding does not or rarely takes place in the CN AN section? From the recent pictures posted in another AN thread it looks like there are plenty of chairs, both in the sun and shade.

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    Agreed. We have never had this problem at the CN AN section. People come and go all week, of course, but for the most part, you see the same couples while you are there. Most early arrivers (before 10:00) stake out there spot and are good until they leave for the day. We all come and go for lunch, one or both may leave for a little while for an activity, but we've never seen a couple bring their stuff and then leave for the majority of the day.

    I usually put our stuff in "our spot" before 8:00 and then we go to breakfast. As often as not, I am not the first one doing so. And if someone else picked our preferred place before I got there, all's fair. We usually stay all day, leaving only for lunch. When do leave for something like a massage, we take our things. Courtesy abounds on the AN side; I can't speak for the other side.
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    When we were last at CN, I'd estimate that there were up to 10X as many chairs in the AN section as there were guests. Never an issue getting a chair or a place. Yes we had a "preferred" spot but there were times when it was gone. To bad, so sad. We just grabbed a different spot and RELAXED.

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    Have been at CN since Sunday and even though resort has 85 percent occupancy no problem in getting sun loungers on the AN side. There are more loungers free than being used even though there are a good number of guests using the AN beach. Also have not found guests reserving loungers.

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    Saving chairs on the AN at CN has never been an issue but last year we went to CSW and the chairs under the grass huts were all taken by 6am even thou most didn't show until 9 or 10. Some were empty for hours at a time during the day.

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    B.O.B, what resort is CSW? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzyQ View Post
    B.O.B, what resort is CSW? Thanks
    Sorry, my brain went somewhere. Couples Swept Away. My son got married there in June. Second time there but had to laugh at the people saving huts. One couple put some stuff down at like 1am. Wish they had an AN section.

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    Been to CN 3 times, 4th trip is in 5 weeks. I have never had a problem getting a chair. You may have a problem if you want a seat under one of the trees. Otherwise there are usually more chairs than there are nekkid people. 37 more days!

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