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    Default Great House Rooms

    Does anyone know if the bathrooms in the Great House rooms have been refurbed?


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    Don't think so, I've read they are still pretty nice snd fairly new (2005)? Maybe someone who's stayed in one recently will chime in.
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    Its unlikely they'll be refurbished yet since they are the newest rooms at CSA (2006 if memory serves me right).

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    We just got back at repeat dinner general manager let us know they taking all bath tubs out of all rooms except jacuzzi rooms and putting showers instead.. We were also were disappointed in food choices since they switched managers

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    I would think that maybe the food choices are the head chefs decision, not the gm but maybe I'm wrong?

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    Any ground floor rooms

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    I don't know whose choice the change in food was but two years ago lunch buffet was as good as couples negril is today.. So if it's the chefs guess the switched head chefs too don't know

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    No ground floor rooms in greathouse

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    But I m thinking staying in the great house is good

    And the money we saved vs beach front

    Spend in spa!

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    Most greathouse rooms have a great view of the ocean but they are in a large building . There are a few that angle towards the resort next door. If the greathouse is booked but you don't want to pay for beachfront, try the ocean verandas. Some of them have a really nice view and you may get lucky.
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    We liked CSS beach front

    Since we booked innJanuary for CSA

    We probably didn't get the best deal for March

    So might try an upgrade when we arrive

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