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    Default If You're Having Login Problems ............

    If you're having problems logging in or staying logged in here's what helped me. I was having all kinds of problems but with the help of Lowell (Couples Web Admin) telling me to delete my browsing history, cookies, etc. from Internet Explorer I was able to log in but couldn't stay logged in. Then I took KrisJamie's suggestion under the thread "Logging in Question" & now all is going as it should & I am a happy camper --- still confused & trying to figure it all out but happy. If I knew what I was doing, I'd be able to move KrisJamie's post over here so you wouldn't have to look for it but since I'm not that good at this yet you will have to look it up. Sorry but hope it helps you out. Thanks again KrisJamie. GOOD LUCK, Everyone!

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    Here is the link to KrisJamie's post:
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    It works!!!!!! Yah!!!! I think I am finally able to stay logged in and post. Thanks so much for the help.

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    Default Woo hoo

    Great to hear Izzyandbella!!!!!

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    I spoke too soon. Still having problems staying logged in. I do have to re-enter name and password all the time. Whenever I change pages. Not the biggest problem in my world---just a hassle.

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