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    Default rooms at CSS

    hi, new member, never been to CCS. what are the best (nearest) rooms to SSB?

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    Beachfront Jacuzzi Suites...Block A and B

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    Block A & B but they are called "One Bedroom Beachfront Suite"

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    Are those rooms sold under the name you gave? I keep seeing One Bedroom Beach Front Suites listed on some booking sites.
    Which rooms are definitely in Block A and B?

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    Every room in bldgs A & B are One Bedroom Beachfront Suites. Those are the only room blocks where that room level is located.

    A & B = One Bedroom Beachfront Suite

    One Bedroom Beachfront Suite = A & B

    Back when CSS was GLSS this room level used to be called a Beachfront Jacuzzi Suite. I still slip & call it that sometimes, but Couples did rename it. But, they are all still in A & B blocks.


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    Probably not! Michaelg is correct on name...I just probably typed that because my wife and I have always called them that due to them having the large Jacuzzi tubs in them. We have stayed in B Block twice. Those are great rooms, and very convenient to both beaches. They are also great on the nights they have the beach party or the gala because you can grab your food and go back to your balcony to eat and enjoy the music if you don't feel like sitting at a table. The only drawback in our opinion is these rooms also have the smallest balcony. We have stayed in penthouse suites twice as well and the views and balconies in those are superior...but they are up the hill from the beach. All that to say, you simply have to go every year and try every room level, right? We are going in August and we will be trying something new this time as well.

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    Default Remodle of rooms in B Block

    Quote Originally Posted by richie View Post
    hi, new member, never been to CCS. what are the best (nearest) rooms to SSB?
    We also like A & B block for ease to SSB. When we came for the first time 8 years ago on our honeymoon we stayed in B-12. Right on the end between A block and B block. We have tried every year since to get that room, but as you know they don't 'reserve' rooms. We did get it one other time but we liked the other A & B block rooms. We were just there in October and "our" room B-12 was closed and when we looked in it was completely torn apart. They are using it (or have used it) as a model for the renovation of all the other A & B block rooms. We are returning this October again and we can't wait to see what they did. I should alos mention the only bad thing we noticed is very poor internet service in the rooms we stayed. Had to go out to the small balcony to try.

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    The room naming convention is really confusing and I don't understand why different companies call them different things eg on the Couples Site for CSS the rooms are named as - Deluxe Ocean, Deluxe Ocean Verandah, One Bedroom Ocean Suite, One Bedroom Beachfront Suite, Penthouse Ocean Suite whereas our travel company this year calls the rooms they offer as Suite with Limited Sea View, Suite With Sea View, Suite With Jacuzzi and Sea View (and I have seen them described differently elsewhere).

    It does not help that on the new Couples site (well the UK version that we redirect to) that there are no room descriptions and if I click on the "map and 360 view" link the numbers in the legend (certainly on my PC and browser) does not relate to the proper location eg number 3 called the Sunset Bar & Grill appears where block A is, the main pool (14) is SSB, the Pallazzina restaurant (6) is roughly where block D is etc.

    Last July we stayed in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite in block F (which we loved but it was a long walk to SSB which we used everyday) but as this time we are staying for more nights in March to save a bit of money we have booked the cheapest accommodation we can get which our travel agent calls "Suite with Limited Sea View". Am I right in thinking that would relate to Couples "Deluxe Ocean" rooms?

    Ideally we would have liked to be in Block A or B but going by what has been written in this thread (ie mention of jacuzzis in those rooms) I suspect that those are higher priced rooms so I was wondering does anyone have a definitive list of what type of rooms are on what floors and in which blocks as ideally we would like to request a room as close to SSB as our price range will allow using romance rewards before we leave the UK.

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    Our internet in A and B has ever been an issue and we've been in rooms A26,a 29 and B07. The best service was probably in B07 though.

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