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    Default Sans Souci - snapper available?

    When we were there 8 years ago they had the most delicious snapper available most nights. But after reading a recent review, not only were they disappointed in most of the food they claimed the only fish available was Swordfish.Can anyone tell me different? We don't even like Swordfish.

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    I hope the snapper sandwiches are still available at the beach grill, they were great. I find some of the reviews on TA ( if that's where you read the review you mentioned) to be BS but that is just me and a whole other thread.

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    I enjoyed the best snapper ever eaten this past October. Offered darn near, if not every day. Locals provide fish fresh daily to the resort and I do not think the seas ran out or the fisherman stopped fishing! Cheers!

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    This is a CTI based comment, but relates.

    We once asked what the "fish of the day" was, and were told "Snapper; always snapper". I found this to be true.

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    We have been to CSS the last four years...we return again in will have no trouble finding a variety of fish available, including snapper. The fish sandwich with fries and Red Stripe at the Beach Grill is the best lunch you can have.

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    Thanks everyone, I feel much better now! Looking forward to a big snapper meal!!

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