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    My wife (she's in her 40's) and I (in my 60's) arrive at CSS this Sat Jan 11th. Given how cold it is right now in most of North America it looks like the timing to get away is perfect.
    This is our first visit to a Couples Resort and first time in Jamaica. I've been looking at the message boards and made note of the recommendations for activities, thanks. I have a question about the clothing optional area of the resort. It looks to me from the overhead that it's where the Sunset Bar is?? This is also our first visit to a resort that has a section like this. In reading the posts it looks like that bar is off limits for the non-nekkid during the day? My wife is very shy so I know we won't partake but I don't want to put myself, or others, in an uncomfortable situation so I'm just looking for some do's and dont's. Thanks.

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    The Au Naturel areas on Couples resorts are completely naked. Not clothing optional or topless. You are expected to completely disrobe shortly after entering these areas. Also, these areas are couples only meaning that you can not go to these areas alone.

    You both should give this a try. Sometimes it is good to get out of your comfort zone and do something completely different that you would not normally do at home. Don't worry. The others nude sunbathers in the area won't stare. Chances are, you will never see any of these people again after you go home. Give it a try. If it gets too uncomfortable, you can always simply put your clothes back on and leave.

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