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    Default Child adoption from Jamaica?

    My wife and I are looking to adopt a child from Jamaica. We would like to know if anyone has any tips that could help us in this process. We are also going to CSA in April so if anyone could recommend someone we could talk to when we are there it would help us a lot. We still go a few years ahead of us to do this, we just want to be one step ahead!! I thank you very much!!

    Stash and Jessica
    105 days!!!

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    This is a wonderful thread

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    101 days for us... 4/19-28... Can't wait! No adoption advice... see you on the beach!

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    Maybe I could give this a bump up so we could get some help!!

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    Sorry no adoption help, but nice to see another Stash!
    CSA in 137 days!

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    I did some quick searches on the internet and found some good information.
    Here are a couple links:

    Hope everything works out for you.

    Life is good

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    Thank you very much Beach-Bum!! Hopefully this will help us out. We are asking all around to help us with this process and when we go to CSA in April, maybe some of the local people who work there could help us too!! Once again, thank you!!

    Stash and Jessica
    96 days!!

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