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    A group of 4 couples are going to couples negril and I have a few questions;
    Tipping or no tipping?
    Dress code?
    Smoking areas?
    We will be celebrating 3 milestone birthdays and a retirement.
    I have seen on here a few complaints about noise, we are going there to celebrate life, any thoughts on that?

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    Couples has a strongly enforced no tipping policy while on the resort. Tips are included with the cost of your stay. However, you are expected to tip while off of the resort. You tip the person who brings your bags from the Couples lounge out to the bus. You tip your bus driver(s). If you take an excursion off of the resort you are expected to tip your tour guide.

    Some of the high end restaurants have a dress code. Usually a shirt with a collar, dress pants, and dress shoes for men, a blouse and slacks or a dress for women. The more casual restaurants you can wear shorts and a shirt with a collar for men, and shorts with a blouse for women. For lunch you can get away with wearing your swimsuit if you wear a shirt and sandals for men and women wear an appropriate cover up and sandals. For lunch, each resort will also have a snack bar where you can be in your swimsuit.

    No smoking in your room or any covered area. No smoking in any restaurant. You can smoke on the balcony of your room. You can smoke on the beach as long as you are respectful of non smokes and pay attention to wind direction.

    As for noise. Depends upon the place and time. Otherwise, be respectful of others. All of the resorts will have at least one bar that stays open until the last guest leaves. This may be a great place to go for the late night partying. This way, you will not annoy the other guests. Remember the old saying, payback is a *****. If you are loud at all hours of the night in your room, your neighbors may be equally as loud the next morning. Be respectful and know that there is a place and time for everything.

    One thing that you did not mention. Each of these 4 resorts are equally as nice but each is a little different. Look them over closely on the website and one may call out to you. But there really is no bad choice.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

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    Mad Jack,Thank you for the info, you answered all my questions, much appreciated.
    As for the smoking and noise we will be respectfull as we are now, would not want to offend anyone.
    We are going to couples negril and just wanted to make sure that if we do have a few drinks and get a little tipsy we will make sure we are at the late night bar. Good idea. Thanks again

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    I just read that no lobster beginning April 1st, is this right?

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    No lobster between April 1 & June 30 (though frozen lobster may be served).

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    I could be wrong on the frozen lobster...this article is a little confusing (but confirms the April 1-June 30 closed period):

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    No lobster at all April till July.

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