Boomer you have nailed it....if they have to have that spot, let them have it. My only experience with this was in Cancun where you had to pay extra to have a shaded spot. But I believe that if you are brazen enough to throw a towel on a chair, leave it there most of the day, with out using it, and turn around yell at someone because they moved your stuff for not using it, you probably live your life a very broke person that believes that your money and time is worth more than anyone else's. I for one will move your stuff, and when you come back, I will give your spot back to you. But understand this, space un-used is wasted, and so is my time arguing with a someone over a spot on a beach that anyone can wake up early to get is wasted. BUT, I will find out when you reserve that spot and I will beat you to the punch, but not to sit in that spot, but to rather piss you off. Granted, there will be others that get mad at any spot being reserved, but my joy at watching you get mad will be worth it. I will in turn, seek out the person that really wanted that spot and make sure that they get it. I will not only do this once, but for the whole time that I am there. So, when I take your spot, and you come back mad as hell, and I give it back to you with a smile, but understand, I wake up everyday at 5:30 AM everyday with out an alarm clock. IRIE!!