I keep seeing posts where people are upset when guests go out early to save pool or beach chairs in their preferred spot & then come & go to them through out the day instead of sitting there all the time. I am one of the people that do this because I am up & out early (by 6:30) so leave hubby in bed to sleep in while I go sit by the pool or on the beach at CN & enjoy my favorite time of the day. I don't always choose the same location but we do have our favorite spots so choose one of those if they are open. When hubby comes to find me to go to breakfast, we leave the chairs & go eat. We then return to sit for awhile before taking our morning walk around the entire bay, which takes an hour away from our chairs. We stop & get drinks on the way back from the walk & return to our chairs for awhile. Then there's lunch to go to & we leave our chairs again. One or both of us may go in the pool or ocean or join in activities or go visit with people at the pool bar, etc. & be away from the chairs for periods or we may take a nap or read & be in our chairs all afternoon. You can't be hauling your stuff (towels, book, suntan lotion, etc.) everywhere you go all day so have to have a "home base" for the day or be running back & forth to the room dozens of times so am curious as to what people that have a problem with the "chair saving" want people to do exactly. I've never been at a beach resort anywhere that this isn't the way it's done .... I'm not saying that it's the correct way but really don't feel that we're doing anything wrong (& sure don't mean to irritate anyone) because we are not sitting in our chairs from the time I lay our towels down at 6:30 am until we go back to the room at 4:00 or 5:00 pm. I agree that it's extremely rude for people to go save a space & then go off for an entire morning of diving or something where they're completely gone & they should wait to get chairs until they are back. I also find it rude when a large group saves up chairs for everyone in their party but there's never more than 2 of them there at one time all day. I'm just curious as to other people's opinions on the matter.