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    Interesting topic and discussion. Never had an issue @ CTI in my 3 visits. Heading to CN in April if the chairs are full I will grab myself another Red Stripe, make that two, one for the Mrs. and park our butts in the sand.

    It seems that most agree, save a chair gone all day = bad, save a chair enjoy your vacation = not bad.

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    We go to CSA twice a year, and always find it amusing at the "race" for palapa space. We are up with the sun. Nothing nicer than watching them rake the beach, and the quiet as the sun rises. Yeah, we park under a palapa, and occupy the turf most of the day; breaking for breakfast, lunch, and to float. When we go in in the late afternoon, all our stuff goes with us.

    The "policy" is that you can't leave stuff overnight. The beach is cleaned up and reset at about 5:00-5:30 a.m. So if you drop stuff before then it'll be cleaned up.

    I must say I do find it annoying when people put stuff under the palapas and don't "appear" themselves for hours. THAT is selfish. Leaving your stuff while you go eat is a necessary evil of life on the beach.

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    My two cents worth.... We feel that if you are on the beach or will be back in an hour or so its fine to leave your stuff, but if your leaving the area for awhile say to take a nap or go to the swim up bar take your stuff. I think the only time we notice the chair saving game is when its under a palapa that's near by and we never see the owners of the towels. I do admit to moving a towel and a book, it started to rain, hadn't seen them all day, we just moved book and towel over a little bit to make room for us under the palapa while we waited out the shower. T

    But what has become a giant pet peeve of ours is when couples will have a set of chairs in the shade, another set in the sun and use floats of another set of chairs, taking 6 chairs for 2 people. Now that's just rude.

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    I'm on vacation to relax and I refuse to worry about what someone else may or may not be doing with a beach chair.

    When we get to the beach, we find a couple of empty chairs, and relax... it's a big beach and it's just a chair....
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    LOL. This thread is freakin comical at best. Then again, we look at it as... there are plenty of places to park your derriere at a beach resort. Get over it.

    After our last trip, I had to revise my stance on this MB. People complain about the most ridiculous stuff. Anybody who spends this much time getting wound up on the MB for a weeklong trip has either a very pathetic life at home or has completely lost sight of how to enjoy their vacation. Our new favorite thing about returning is meeting repeaters and newcomers that either have never heard of the MB or have been on, but don't get swept up in the little things. Again, GET OVER IT!!!
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    I appreciate we don't want the view cluttered with hundreds of umbrellas and that palapas will still be an issue but wouldn't it solve 95% of the problem at CSA if Couples just bought a few more chairs, loungers and sunshades? After all it's a huge beach.

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    Is it ok to bring a blanket to the beach? No one has mentioned this and we don't spend much time at the beach (possibly the amount of time one might have lunch or snorkel) so we would be fine on the ground. No one ever mentions what you do if there is no chair available. I wouldn't want to offend anyone by assuming I'm entitled to an hour in one of the chairs that others have worked so hard to claim and defend.

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    You all talk about being able to leave your stuff for lunch, a nap, do this do that, and no one should mess with your stuff during those short times. Well, if I walk down to the beach and see all these saved spots, how do i know if you are eating, or went shopping and will not be back til dinner?

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    We do save our chairs after 6:30 am. We use the chairs all day....only leave to get lunch. In the past 3 years at CSA, there seems to be enough chairs for everyone. However, I have seen chairs saved, and hardly used all day..........or what really irks me is when a couple save 2 sets of chairs (one set in the sun, another in the shade). I don't agree with that. I see big groups grab up 12 to 14 chairs and not really use all of them. We tend to move away from them because big groups tend to get really loud (not all, but some). I think we are very considerate. If we would leave for an extended time, we take our belongings with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artie View Post
    Yeah... Sorry, but I disagree 100 percent! If I can't go for an hours walk, swim, yogo class, massage, lunch, etc. without someone commenting on me saving a chair (never "reserve" a chair early AM, but once I find one for the day... it is mine, plain and simple ) then I say... too bad!!
    So you disagree with a sentiment I didn't express. Good deal.

    You may wish to reread what I wrote.

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    This topic has been covered pretty well & I completely agree as the only time I have ever seen it become an issue at couples is when people reserve a chair then disappear for hours on end.

    If you reserve a spot at 6:00am, then go back to your room to sleep for several more hours, you might find your stuff has been moved.

    Otherwise, I've never seen anyone get upset when people leave their stuff to swim, walk, eat, spa/massage etc. - even if they keep the same spot all day.

    I would also add that it's usually pretty obvious when someone is simply trying to reserve a prime spot vs. someone who has just left for a short time as the former will usually just leave something trivial like a single book & towel.

    When we're settled in, its pretty obvious as our stuff is scattered all over & it's pretty clear were using it :-)

    Fortunately - this is not as much of an issue at css & cti as they seem to have more shade & chairs to go around

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    There are plenty of chairs at csa. Been there in high season many times. There may not be any in the area you want. We walk the very large beach until we find 2 and move them if we don't like the location.

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    The nice thing about CN is there are always chairs available...and they aren't that difficult to move around. Our last vacation was in Mexico and there were times where it was actually difficult to find chairs...the lower level rooms would grab a bunch and save them on their patios...same with the floats. It was a nightmare.

    We usually grab a couple of chairs on the way to breakfast and then park our asses there until lunch, come back from lunch and chill on our chairs for a couple more hours. At some point we usually give up our chairs or take them up to the pool bar. And honestly we don't always bother to have chairs by the pool...if we are belly up to the pool bar...not really a need.

    The point is this...if we are going to be leaving the chairs for more than the time it takes to go eat or go for a swim or walk...we give them up. People need to learn to have respect for others around them. Not sure when that stopped happening. It really is not difficult to be considerate.
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    Default When chair reserving becomes chair hoarding

    Quote Originally Posted by redinthehead View Post
    But what has become a giant pet peeve of ours is when couples will have a set of chairs in the shade, another set in the sun and use floats of another set of chairs, taking 6 chairs for 2 people. Now that's just rude.
    Bingo! We are pretty laid back about the chair saving issue generally, however, we have witnessed this practice several times and it never fails to amaze me that folks do this. two chairs all day if you want...I would never touch others belongings....but out of respect for the rest of us, avoid the urge to exert control over four, or six or even twelve you think you might need if everyone from your group happens to show up all at once for ten minutes at some point in the entire day.

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    I can only say this - we did trading spaces this past December, from CN to CSA. Every single chair had towels on it. It took us over 30 minutes to find 2 empty chairs. We never did find any chair floats. Of the 4 hours we were there, 90% of the chairs were not used at all. I think it is very rude to reserve chairs and not show up all day. For this reason, I will never go to CSA again. We do not play this chair game at CN. Just my thoughts.

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    I've never had a bad spot on the beach at CSA. It's just not possible.

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    Lol as a very pale person who sunburns horribly I wish they would just build more palapas!!! I get there can't be 1 for every room but I think the ratio if off when there are 312 rooms (at CSA) and maybe 10 or so palapas. At CSS in 2011 we saw a couple save a palapa early everyday, then save 2 more chairs in the sun, & then 2 more at the pool. Then they would go off & do excursions or whatever & maybe be on the beach an hour per day. That's 6 chairs and 6 floats and a palapa going to waste most of the day for over a week due to 1 selfish couple=come on people

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    Got back from our third trip to CSA a few weeks ago, and felt compelled to chime in on this one. First, I thought I'd note that we've never been in the "crack of dawn" crowd. We're always searching for chairs later in the morning . . . of even in the afternoon. I therefore wanted to start by reassuring people who have not been that there really are a lot of chairs. We've never had trouble finding two chairs, and we've always found room to slide them somewhere we wanted to sit without too much trouble. Maybe there are times when it's really tough finding a seat, but we've not experienced it, even with a completely full resort, and even well after the morning “rush hour.”

    Second, I wanted to provide my view on what a "policy" should be. I definitely agree that it is never appropriate to have more than one set of chairs "reserved." If there is ever to be shortage of chairs, I suspect this is how it would happen. I also agree that it is not appropriate to sneak out super early, save chairs, and then go back to bed for several hours. Seems rude to me.

    On the other hand, I have no problem with the types of activities in the original post. Once you've set up camp for the day, you should be free to partake of any of the resort's activities without being forced to give up your spots. For most things, probably an hour is enough. But maybe something might take more than that, and I personally don't have a problem with two hours away if you're really taking part in an activity and planning to return once you're done.

    And I guess this is the distinction for me. If you're really spending the day at the beach, but you want to get a massage, or go snorkeling, or have lunch at Patois, or take a walk on that wonderful beach, or etc., etc., etc., you should do it and have a great time without fear that someone is going to dump your stuff and take your chairs. But if you're going to do four of those things during the day and only have a few very brief stints at the chairs between activities, that seems different. That's a day of activities while leaving your stuff on chairs so you can get it quickly every time you happen by, as opposed to a day at the beach where you happen to take time off for an activity or two. If there a fine line somewhere between the two and a lot of grey area here? Of course.

    But I think there would be few problems if people just paused to think about whether they were setting up a way station to use between activities or whether they were setting up a spot to spend the bulk of their day at the beach. If everyone did this, and there still problems finding chairs for a "late-comer," I would be shocked.

    So at the end of the day, my response to the original poster is this: if on balance, you ended up spending a day at the beach, I think you're fine with everything you described. But if you were only using those chairs for short periods between all the other things you did, as a “home base” as you describe it, I'm not sure you really needed to tie up those chairs all day, and maybe someone else could have made better use of them.

    Finally, one potential caveat. For some of those really “prime” seats, such as those under palapas at CSA, perhaps a bit more consideration is in order. I’m still probably fine with a short time away to grab a quick bite to eat, etc. But I’d probably draw the line in a different place with respect to when you are appropriately using the chairs but away briefly versus saving them inappropriately when we’re talking about those spots that are in really high demand. Again, a lot of grey area, but I would personally feel guilty about tying up super prime spots when I’m not using them a lot more than I’d feel guilty about tying up two random chairs on the beach while I’m away at an activity.

    (Wow, did I really just ramble on that long about beach chairs? Maybe this is what happens when you’re a year and a half away from another trip.)

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    OMG.....are we still arguing over chairs? Some of us old timers have seen this thread in some shape or another for years now.
    It seems the whole problem is...... some folks are selfish and self centered.
    Why are you entitled to the best real estate all day? Other people are there for a short time also, take your stuff with you and share the "good spots" so they can have a time of a great place to sit also. Why are you so special, just because you got up early???
    This thread always reminds me of the seagulls from the movie "Finding Nemo"

    Here come the haters.....LOL

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    The chair business never bothers me. So if you want to squat a chair while I am there...go right on ahead. I am just happy to be there!!!!

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    Until Couples decides that a "Chair Policy" needs to be established, I think we can all agree on some things....

    First, there will always be a small percentage of "selfish and self-centered" people, as Boomer49 pointed out. And while many of you suggest that everyone simply be more considerate, most likely these selfish people won't change.

    Second, there will always be a small percentage of people who feel "dissed" by these selfish people and some may even take matters into their own hands.

    And that's when the problems start. So, right or wrong, if you are one of those "selfish and self-centered" people, be aware that you may put yourself at risk to a confrontation or your things moved.

    Meanwhile, the other 98% of us may notice it, shrug our shoulders, and go on with our blissful vacation.

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    Oh PLEASE!!!!!...enough with more policies and rules already!!!!!!!!! He did this, she did that, they did this, they did that...Really people?. Too many rule police here.
    In general the system has worked fine for years without policing and official rules. Couples provides plenty of seating & loungers. You may not always get your preferred location which I think some complaining get their shorts in a knot about but you can always find some lounger and some place of shade.
    Can we please move on people?

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    Hilly, you can bring Donkeys to the beach??? I've only seen horses!

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    We have never had a problem at Couples in Jamaica with chairs. But last year we went to CB. We were using our chairs all morning. We left our towels and Boca Beach clips on our chairs and went to lunch. We came right back to use our chairs. Our towels were dumped on the sand and someone stole our Boca beach clips. We couldn't believe it. It was a lousy start to the week. We are very happy to go back to CSS this year.

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    One tip I would add for those who have never been to a couples resort - if you do have a problem finding a lounger - talk to the water sport guys & let them know.

    Don't get me wrong - don't expect them to go move people' s stuff or enforce a policy the mb made up...

    But they usually have extra chairs & floats - they don't necessarily put out the entire stock of chairs, they might just need to know you're having a tough time finding one & they need more.

    The one time we had to ask, they did all the work of setting everything up and even selected a nice spot for us :-)

    Also - don't be afraid to ask if people will share the shade - you might be surprised at how many people will gladly make room.

    And lastly - we now travel in October to css (the off season) - and there are times when we have the entire mineral pool or beaches (almost) to ourselves! Vast seas of empty loungers....

    Join us in October!

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