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    Default Lobster night at CN

    We will be at CN at the end of February. Was wondering is the lobster made the same way at all the restaurants? And if not is one restaurant better than the other. We had lobster last year at Patois and it was very good. Looking forward to trying out CN.

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    On our first three trips, it was the same preparation at all restaurants, but on our 4th trip in November, Otaheite had a different preparation. It was broiled there, but grilled at the other three. Either way, you can't go wrong wherever you go.
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    We are arriving Mar 27 2014 What night is Lobster Night at CN? Thanks mc

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    If I remember correctly lobster is not in season until the 1st of July

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    Lobster is only out of season April 1st to June 30th. Otherwise it is served on Fridays.
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    I think it is Fri night.

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